On-Demand Solutions

Based on the current economic uncertainties, increasing market volatility and customer demands, intense competition, and the need to address global supply chains, there is an urgent pressure to accelerate adoption of responsive solutions and to align processes to enable enterprises to survive.

Organizations often possess a vision of what their goals are related to achieving highly effective Demand Driven Supply Chains. However, faced with today’s economic realities and other corporate priorities, organizations are undergoing increased scrutiny or postponement to implement large capital projects. Others may also realize that they can only take manageable steps and achieve incremental benefits.

Jaguar-APS provides a new paradigm in service solutions which allow organizations to achieve significant performance benefits in a very short period of time with minimal investment.

Our On-Demand Solutions provide a secured framework which allows Jaguar-APS experts to rapidly deploy their skills and techniques to your data in a secured hosted environment where we apply our "best of breed" forecasting tools to generate and deliver high quality forecasts for you. Additionally, you may also leverage Jaguar-APS experts to help facilitate, support or manage your Demand Planning / S&OP Processes.

Now even small to medium sized enterprises are also able to afford the same rich and sophisticated solutions as the multi-billion dollar enterprises.

We can apply and customize any of the following On-Demand Solutions to best fit your needs:

Forecast Modeling and Generation

  • Optimized data center for high-availability, security, redundancy, bandwidth consistency, and business continuity
  • Data Analysis and Preparation
  • Statistical Modeling
    • Including single or multiple regression
  • Market Data Analysis
    • Demand Signal
    • Complex "What If"
  • Segmentation and Hierarchy Structures
  • Exception Reporting and Resolution
  • Monitoring of Performance
  • Customized Combinations

Managing or Facilitating Demand Planning / S&OP Process

  • Jaguar-APS professionals participate in / facilitate key meetings
  • Design Demand Planning Process, S&OP Process
  • Design customized tools and templates
  • Review and prioritize exceptions
  • Design / Review of scorecard
  • Report of action items for continuous improvement
  • Knowledge transfer by applied examples


  • Rapid deployment
  • Achieve benefits in as little as 30-90 days
  • Do not need to wait to ramp up internal skill
  • No capital investment in hardware
  • No software license investment
  • No infrastructure foot-print
  • No software maintenance tasks
  • No software implementation or training costs
  • Variable contract terms
  • Lower cost of deployment
  • 24×365 monitoring and support
  • 99% or greater service level agreements
  • Lower IT support requirements (usually focused on user/group account management)
  • Trial programs offered