Demand Management Training Services

Once there is the recognition and commitment within an organization to take strides towards achieving high performance within their Supply Chain, enriching both the staff and senior management with knowledge is a crucial building block for a strong foundation. Jaguar-APS professionals possess deep knowledge, the approach and the skills to empower our client's staff with the knowledge in Demand Planning Best Practices, or S&OP to make the right choices and sustaining high performance.

Jaguar-APS provides a range of training programs to fit your needs:

  • Public Workshops in partnership with IBF, IIF, APICS and others
  • Customized [In-house] Training
  • IBF CPF Certification Preparation
  • IIF Certification Preparation
  • APICS CPIM Certification Review Courses
  • Sales and Operations Planning and Executive Sales and Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning Courses
  • Advanced Inventory Planning Courses
  • APICS CSCP Certification Review Courses

Our training programs are layered with group activities and hands-on MS Excel exercises that foster stronger understanding and retention of topics covered. We provide 60 days post-workshop support via email on workshop topics covered and questions. We provide a Forum to workshop participants to consult with their peers, share and learn from Demand Management community.

Here are some of the benefits from our Training programs:

  • Adopt the concepts of statistical forecasting that are applicable to ALL forecasting software packages
  • Obtain strong grasp of various statistical forecasting methods, their strengths and weaknesses, and how it can be used to generate more accurate forecast
  • Explore different methodologies of adjusting historical data to enhance forecast accuracy
  • Be able to calculate historical impact from events and promotions then model to similar activities in the future
  • Interpret trends and apply them to forecasts
  • Reconcile top down forecasts and bottom up demand plan
  • Learn how to incorporate market intelligence into statistical modeling
  • Be able to leverage customer intelligence to increase the accuracy of your forecasts
  • Discover how to encourage salespeople and customers to provide accurate collaborative forecasts
  • Align internal collaboration between Sales & Operations to improve the forecasting of promotions, and new product launches
  • Develop and refine methods for linking demand planning to sales and revenue growth
  • Achieve greater supply flexibility to meet customer needs more quickly and efficiently
  • Gain good understanding of how the Sales and Operations Planning process works and how it can benefit any organization/industry

Advanced S&OP Practices
Sample Program

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Demand management & Forecasting
Sample Program

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Data Mining Workshop, Sample Program

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