Business Transformation Services

The need for businesses to improve the way they operate by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes is critical to their success. The dynamic changes which exist in today's marketplace, coupled with changing customer needs, have continued to fuel the need for process improvements.

To support this need Jaguar-APS provides a range of services which will leverage our Demand Management expertise, Supply Chain experience, Business Process and Change Management methodologies, Project Management, and Systems Integration expertise to drive through high-quality, high-impact changes.

Our approach to facilitating change is a holistic one, in that it incorporates the interrelationships of Process, People, Culture, Organization Structure, Technology and the Overall Business Environment. Given our global reach, we can address local, regional or global issues. We can assist our clients in developing global templates which provide framework for standardization.

Opportunity Assessment Services

Change Management

Most often the re-design of business processes also requires realignment to a range of job functions, communications, the use of technology, the way people are measured and even changes to their incentives. Without an effective change management plan, the adoption of the best designed processes will likely meet high resistance or even complete failure.

Jaguar-APS professionals have the skills and proven methodologies to identify these risks and develop a comprehensive and effective change management plan which remove barriers and will pave the way for successful awareness, adoption and management.

System Integration and Project Management

Business Transformations are most often affected by integration of processes, tools and implementing a set of strategic projects over a period of time. Our methodologies will engage the right approach to system integration, alignment with processes, conceptual or operational prototypes, data analysis and preparation, analysis of touch-points and design of interfaces, assist in custom solutions, planning of test scenarios and cases, acceptance testing, rollout planning, data migration, and training. The right Project Management methodology is also very important to plan the projects, manage stakeholder needs and interests, build a team, run and monitor the project, and close the project successfully and profitably. Jaguar-APS professionals have the skills and experience to facilitate or lead these System integration and/or Project Management initiatives.