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Partnership is a powerful tool — we can use it to achieve Better Results. Together.

Jaguar-APS Partner Program

Increasingly, to be successful in meeting your business objectives, you need to work closely and collaboratively with other professionals.

We recognize that our customers depend on more than just providing excellent demand planning, forecasting and sales and operations planning services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, eliminate problem areas and capture productivity gains for all.

Jaguar-APS specializes in Demand Planning and Forecasting, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Management assessment, implementation, and continuous improvement. Our understanding of leading forecasting software packages and demand planning systems allows us to source the right solution for our clients or ‘tune’ the current systems to deliver higher value to the business.

Jaguar-APS relies on the supply chain, inventory management, information technology, software vendors and developers, merchandising and sales and marketing expertise of our partners to satisfy a wide range of clients.

Jaguar-APS partner program offers the opportunity to become involved in the consulting projects and development and delivery of demand planning, S&OP and supply chain workshops/seminars and web enabled training.

Jaguar-APS partner program enables partners to instantly expand their reach to opportunities that may be otherwise missed. Our partners are running their own specialized consulting companies or are working as independent consultants in their area of expertise. Our trainers come often from the employed professionals that are experienced trainers and would like to ‘test’ the market before committing to a full-time consulting or just would like to create some additional income opportunities.

Jaguar-APS conducts business on a global basis – Canada, USA, Central Europe, The Middle East and South East Asia. Professionals from all around the globe can participate in Jaguar-APS® partner program.

Levels of partnering

Different organizations and different projects call for different approaches to partnering.

Project specific:

Independent Contractor

  • A project-by-project assignment where Jaguar-APS identifies the opportunity that Independent Contractor can address and Jaguar-APS cannot supply own resources or resources from the Strategic Partners.
  • A project-by-project assignment where Independent Contractor identifies the opportunity Jaguar-APS can address and Independent Contractor cannot supply own resources.

Strategic partnering:

These types of partnership facilitate growth and competitive advantage for both parties by focusing on new areas of shared opportunity. It can lead to innovative and creative business solutions, improved processes and shared savings. However, strategic partnering is not for everyone - it demands commitment, time and effort at multiple levels within your organization and ours.

Preferred Partner

  • A partnership that complements our areas of expertise. We often do approach a prospective client together, do the initial Opportunity Assessment together and provide client with best possible solution to their problem.
  • A project-by-project assignment where Jaguar-APS identifies the opportunity that Preferred Partner can address.
  • A project-by-project assignment where Preferred Partner identifies the opportunity Jaguar-APS can address.

We welcome invitations to partner with like companies and professionals who believe they could benefit from our expertise.

Please contact us for more information.